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An Unparalleled Art Collection

Изображение сделано 16.07.2023 в 19_edit
Изображение сделано 16.07.2023 в 19_edit


What happens when sincere, joyful, vibrant, and creative personalities come together with truly caring individuals? They create something bold and extraordinary! So, here we are — the creative Ukrainian-Belgian community. We aim to introduce the world to the real Ukraine.

Ukraine embodies more than just the shadows of war; it encompasses a multitude of qualities. Ukrainians are a testament to creativity, strength, hard work, and innovation, weaving together an incredible tapestry of culture and rich history. From the breathtaking landscapes to the forward-thinking technologies, Ukraine embraces both natural beauty and the spirit of freedom.


The exhibition in Antwerp, Belgium, showcased Ukrainian professional and non-professional artists who transform pain into creative energy.


The exhibition aims to raise funds for medical equipment for a hospital in Ukraine that provides medical assistance to Ukrainian soldiers, who put their lives on the line for their country. 


In addition to supporting the hospital, the exhibition also aims to assist Ukrainian refugees in expressing themselves through art. Another unique aspect of the event is that artists are donating their artworks for the cause. 


The art exhibition created a vibrant and cozy atmosphere. Throughout the show, various workshops was available. At the opening, a DJ was playing music, setting the tone for a weekend filled with enjoyment.

The exhibition took place at

Art Telex, Oude Beurs 39-41, Antwerp,Belgium, 2000

on 28-31 July 2023.

Your happy presence was our big support. Thank you!

The exhibition is supported by the Royal Academy of Fine Arts KASKA DKO.


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